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1. Name of the Organization
Mithila Itihas Sansthan

2. Permanent Office
Department of History L.N. Mithila University Kameshwarnagar, Darbhanga -846008

3. Contacts
Mobile No. : 9430283004, 7250827216
E- mail :
Web Site :

4. Aims & Objectives :-
Mithila Itihas Sansthan is dedicated to explore new dimensions and areas of studies in history and culture of Mithila region to develop general, comparative and national as well as international perspective for it. The Sansthan also affirms its conviction to contribute to the mainstream of historical studies of our country and counteract the sectarian and communal interventions in the field of Indian historiography . It is designed to cater the growing interest in regional studies as well as in the studies of marginalized class, community, regional cultures and geographical areas . Through regularly organizing the biennial national conferences, national seminars, symposiums, panel discussions, extramural lecture series and memorial lectures and also through the publications of their proceedings, monographs, volumes and periodicals, the Sansthan is intended to provide a platform for exploration of the new areas of historical studies and for interaction, interpretation, analysis and conceptualization of the historical facts with scientific and progressive approach. Indeed, Mithila Itihas Sansthan is an enthusiastic venture and an endeavouring movement towards total history .

5. Formation :-
A group of professional historians , young scholars and teachers of social sciences of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga constituted Mithila Itihas Sansthan on 03. 09. 2005 with Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra, former HOD History, L.N.M.U. as its president and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar as Secretary of the organization . It was decided to hold a conference to facilitate the full fledged formation of the Mithila Itihas Sansthan . Accordingly , circulars and invitation letters were issued on large scale . Persons related to and interested in history were contacted in India and Nepal . A two days conference of Mithila Sansthan was held on 18-19 February 2006 in AHSA College, Madhubani. 110 delegates from Bihar , U.P., Jharkhand and Nepal attended the Conference and 60 papers were presented therein . A symposium on Cultural Heritage of Mithila was also organised on the occassion, in which eminent historian of the country , Prof. Vijay Kumar Thakur delivered his thought provoking erudite lecture. The conference approved the by- laws of the sansthan and proposed to hold biennial national conference regularly . Prof. Vijay Kumar Thakur and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar were elected president and secretary designates respectively for the next conference. Thus, the Mithila Itihas Sansthan was formally established in the Conference held at Madhubani on 19 February, 2006.

6. The Beginning :-
Mithila Itihas Sansthan organized ICHR and CSSR sponsored national seminar on Dimensions of Mithila Folk Culture on 9-10 June 2007 in joint collaboration with AHSA college, Madhubani. The Sansthan presided Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra president over the seminar and secretary Dr. Dharmendra Kumar delivered the keynote address . The seminar was inaugurated by Prof. M.L. Thakur, VC , LNMU and 105 delegates from different parts of the country attended it . 75 papers were presented therein. The seminar was a great contribution to the histobiography of Mithila folk culturef.

7. First Biennial National Conference :-
The first biennial national conference was successfully held in the Department of History, L.N.Mithila University on 15-16 March 2008. Prof. M.L. Thakur, VC, LNMU inaugurated the conference and Dr. Vivekanand Jha, Former Director, ICHR presided over it. An eminent sociologist of the country Prof. Hetukar Jha was the chief guest. In his presidential address Dr. Vivekanand Jha elaborately analysed the Varna, Jati and the Issue of Untouchability in Ancient India. Apart from sectional meetings lively symposium, Prof. Radhakrishna Choudhary Memorial Lecture and Panel Discussion were held on the occasion. In the symposium on Society and Education in Mithila, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Prof. Indra Kumar Choudhary and Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra delivered their eloquent lecturers covering ancient, medieval and modern times respectively. Prof. Hetukar Jha in his lethered lecture showed serious concern of identity crisis of Mithila and Maithili in Dr. Radhakrishna Choudhary Memorial Lecturer. In panel discussion on Myths, Superstitions and Hearsays in the History of Mithila, young journalist Dr. Shankardeo Jha, Prof. Tulakrishna Jha, Ex-HOD History, LNMU and Dr. Bhaskar Nath Thakur presented their exhaustive papers and a lively discussion was held. Apart from dignitaries and prominent guests 213 delegates attended the conference. 140 papers were presented and discussed in the Conference . Well written papers, lively presentation and vigorous discussion made the Conference a grand success. The ICHR and the university under UGC unassigned grant extended financial assistance. No doubt, the Sansthan emerged as a well organised and committed organisation of professional historians after first biennial national conference.

8. Second Biennial Conference :-
The second biennial national conference of Sansthan was splendidly organised in the Department of History, MLSM College, Darbhanga under the presidentship of highly esteemed sociologist and authority of sociological historiography Prof. Hetukar Jha on 2-3 April 2011. Dr. Samrendra Pratap Singh, VC, LNMU inaugurated the Conference. 318 delegates attended the conference and 242 papers were presented in four sections of the Conference. Like first conference, Symposium, Prof. Radhakrishna Choudhary Memorial Lecture and Panel Discussion were the special attraction of the conference. In symposium on Urbanization in Mithila, Prof. Baidyanath Labh, Deptt. of Buddhist Studies, Jammu University, Prof. Shailendra Jha of Delhi University, Prof. Indra Kumar Choudhary, HOD, History, Ranchi University and Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra, Ex-HOD,History, LNMU minutely traced and extensively accounted for the socio-economic and cultural dimensions as well as history of urbanization in ancient, medieval and modern Mithila. In Dr. Radhakrishna Choudhary Memorial Lecture, Prof. S.C. Mishra, Delhi University paid tribute to the great historian Prof. Radhakrishna Choudhary, whereas Prof. Vishwamohan Jha, Delhi University, examined serfdom as a socio economic category in historical examination. Prof. Rajendra Ram, Patna University, Prof. Rajiv Kumar Sinha, TM Bhagalpur University, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Prof. Tula Krishna Jha, LNMU and Dr. Shankardeo Jha expressed their meaningful and valuable ideas on Historicity of Mithila Folk Literature in the panel discussion. The second biennial national conference of Sansthan was organised and concluded magnificently and it accomplished a marked achievement in the field of historical studies.

9. Contributions and Achievements :-
The Mithila Itihas Sansthan started with only 35 members and now it has 560 members covering a large area of north-eastern India. It has provided a wide platform for interaction among the professional historians and the young research scholars of the country by organizing national conferences, seminars, symposiums and memorial lectures. It has collaborated several UGC and ICHR sponsored national seminar's held in different colleges of the LN Mithila University as a professional organization of historians. Proceedings of the initial and the first conference have been published and the proceedings of the second conference is in the press. The Sansthan is closely associated to the Indian History Congress and its office bearers like Prof. CPN Sinha, Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra, Prof. Dharmendra Kumar, Prof. Bishwambhar Jha, Prof. S. N. Arya have also shared the executive committee of Indian History Congress. Since, its inception, in the consecutive sessions of the History Congress the largest contingent and highest member of papers from a single organization, other than the Indian History Congress itself, is Mithila Itihas Sansthan. No doubt, Mithila Itihas Snasthan is now a well recognized organization of professional historians and young research scholars of the country and has been contributing much to the mainstream of historical studies.

10. Appeal :-
We earnestly request and appeal to all the people interested in history to join the Sansthan and make it a movement of regional studies as well as of marginalized socio-economic class, communities, ethemic groups and cultural-geographical units to strengthen the mainstream of Indian historiography and march ahead towards total history.

With thanks,

Dharmendra Kumar